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Producers of Traditional, Nostalgic, Vintage and Wartime Food and Drink.

Latest News

Traditional Sweets


Peanut brittle, Sugar mice, Marshmallow and Honeycomb will be available at most shows over the summer, all made the old fashioned way of course !

Nettle Cordial


Our Nettle Cordial will be be at most events over the summer period. A very refreshing drink , always popular especially during the hot weather. Available ready to drink or as a concentrate to take home and make fresh yourself just by adding water.

Free local delivery


If you wish to purchase from us and live within about 20 miles of us, please contact us and we will deliver to you free of charge !

Our Events 2019


Our list of events that we will be attending in 2019 will be constantly updated, Keep watching for more details.

Ians Bees


Our friends at Ians Bees in Kimmeridge supply us with top quality local honey , both set and runny. Latest news is we now have a range of their top quality wax products which will be with us at shows throughout the year and on our website soon.

Traditional Piccalilli


Made using an old traditional recipe and method, a family favourite. Available at most shows throughout the year.

Runner Bean Chutney


Our own grown runner beans are doing well this year , there will be plenty of fresh traditional Runner Bean Chutney at events !

Dabbling with Sweetcorn


This year we have decided to try growing some sweetcorn, all seems to be going well so far....... watch this space



The pumpkin patch also seems to be doing rather well. Pumpkin soup is on the horizon !