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Producers of Traditional, Nostalgic, Vintage and Wartime Food and Drink.


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All our products are handmade in traditional ways, we do not use any artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives. Most of our products are vegan friendly.Call or email for more information.

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About Us

Our Story

Our passion for old fashioned , nostalgic food and drink began with our mothers and grandmothers planting the seeds on how traditional cooking can be inspiring and absolutely delicious without having to use complicated recipes with long lists of ingredients.   

Our personal interests have always looked backwards into history.  Immense sacrifice, suffering and hardships by our country in the past have led to the best of our national character and pride showing through.  Food and drink has always brought people together,  with fantastic regional variations and specialities.

We launched our business in December 2012.  A surprising level of acceptance and enthusiasm met us and we now attend many events from village fetes, farmers markets, agricultural , vintage events and country shows, and a few things in between !

In line with many people during the wars and other trying times, we forage certain items from the wild.  Some of the results are Nettle Cordial, Wild Garlic Concentrate and Blackberry Jam to name a few.  We also grow as much as time allows ourselves to help our stock of top quality organic fruit and vegetables. We produce jarred ranges, fresh ranges, traditional lemonade, fresh fruit cups and even traditional hot food at certain events. As well as hot mulled wine and hot chestnuts at christmas time.  

Products for sale at a local event

Products for sale at a local event


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