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Producers of Traditional, Nostalgic, Vintage and Wartime food and drink.

Ministry of Nostalgic Foods


Wartime Recipes Recreated

We always put a lot of time and effort into finding authentic wartime recipes and methods ,we then recreate these fantastic traditional foods in the most accurate way possible, of course using the finest of our local ingredients. All of these jams and marmalades are much lower in sugar than most modern recipes.


Unusual, but not forgotten !

Some fantastic tastes , colours and aromas as they were enjoyed years ago. From our 1916 carrot marmalade to our early forties home made Parsley honey , these nostalgic foods are very popular and are regularly bought as gifts.


Samples of our wartime foods are always available at our events.

The best way to explain how good this range is........... is to pop over to us at an event and try them for yourself !